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With your input, we’ve created the proposed 2025 Better Bus Network, which represents Metro’s commitment to improving service and connections using the resources we have today. By changing routes, frequencies, and hours of operation, this network better connects the region, increases access to better bus service, and makes the bus more convenient. The proposed 2025 Network is now available for public comment.  

What Could Change

The proposed 2025 Network includes:

A network of bus routes that better connect the region — Current Metrobus routes would be replaced with 123 new routes that improve service and connect people to jobs, destinations, and other transit services across the region. Additionally, in Prince George's County, TheBus routes will be replaced with 23 routes to complement service in the County.

Improved service, especially during evenings and on weekends — In the proposed 2025 Network, more than 146,000 customers will gain access to high-frequency evening service 7 days a week. Going somewhere this weekend? Thousands more residents will have bus service on Saturdays and Sundays in the proposed 2025 Network compared to today—22,000 more on Saturdays and 46,000 more on Sundays.  

New route names — Customers have told us that our bus route numbers can be confusing—and we agree! The proposed 2025 Network includes a new naming system that will help customers know where a bus operates—making it easier for regular customers, new customers, and visitors to use our regional bus system. Learn more in the Map Library

More efficient bus stop spacing — In order to make service faster and more direct, we are removing some bus stops that are currently causing slower speeds and increased wait times because they are too close together. We also would remove some stops that, today, serve lower numbers of customers or do not offer safe pedestrian access.

Please review and provide feedback on the proposed 2025 Network by 5:00 p.m. on July 15, 2024. Detailed information about the entire proposed 2025 Network can be found in the docket materials. The docket contains the Notice of Public Hearing and route profiles. Additional resources can be found throughout this website, including a 2025 Trip Planner tool.

Ready to share your feedback?

Provide input by using our interactive comment map, taking a survey, submitting written comments, or uploading a document by 5:00 p.m. on July 15, 2024.

Attend a virtual or in-person event, including a Public Hearing

party tents

Proposed 2025 Better Bus Network at a Glance

30-minute or better service during rush hours on most routes

Prioritizing service in Equity Focus Communities

Service and route names that are easier to understand

Direct, frequent routes

Connects customers to key destinations and transit hubs

More service during evenings and weekends

Developing the Network

In spring 2023, Metro asked you to share your thoughts on a draft Visionary network and how it might affect you and our entire region. Thousands of you—our customers, community members, advocates, bus operators, employees, and elected officials—told us what you thought online and at more than 60 events. We used that input to develop the proposed 2025 Network that we’re sharing today.

Next Steps

Public feedback will be used to revise the 2025 Better Bus Network and will be provided to Metro's Board of Directors in fall 2024 as part of the final decision-making process. Once approved, Metro will begin implementing the network in summer 2025.

Ready to share your feedback?

Public participation is solicited without regard to race, color, national origin, age, gender, religion, disability, or family status. To request special accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act, American Sign Language (ASL), or other language interpretation services (free of charge), contact the Office of the Board Secretary at (202) 962-2511 (TTY: (202) 962-2033) or send a message to as soon as possible, so Metro can make the necessary arrangements before the Public Hearing date.

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Pour plus d’informations sur le projet de réseau de bus proposé pour 2025, consultez le site ou appelez le 202-637-7000.

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